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Blair and I have had so much fun with the blog this year and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too. No worries, the fun doesn’t stop just because we are graduating. Jen and Ellen will be taking the reigns in the fall to keep you updated on W&L Women’s Tennis. For our last post, we wanted to talk about the fun we’ve been having with the team over the past week or so.

First, we had the all sports team banquet on Tuesday after we returned from Atlanta and then on Thursday we had an end of season dinner with the whole team at the Livery.  As seniors, we got a little sentimental about all of it, but we had a great time and we are going to miss you all so much next year! In keeping with the tradition of this tennis team, we will definitely be back for lots of alumni weekends and promise to visit as many matches as possible. Here are a few pictures from the past week of banquets and dinners and goodbyes!

Peace out and see you soon,

Blair and Lauren

Summer Birthdays Get Celebrated!

Team Dinner at the Livery





Seniors Like the Color Coral

Team at the Sports Banquet


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Since we’ve previously experienced some difficulties with charter buses, we opted for a cozy van this time around. Thursday night we drove sans iPod hook-up to Greenville, SC–our “halfway” stop on the way to Atlanta for the first three rounds of Nationals. As you can see in the picture below, Eric and Elliott “surprised” us by booking rooms at a hotel that was not only part of a country club, but whose interior resembled a tropical rainforest.

Painting Our Nails Generals Blue

They are Cute

In the morning we woke up for a breakfast in the rainforest, hit on the courts outside, and then jumped in the pool to test out Jen’s supposed inability to float.  Well it turns out after much debate, she actually can’t float, along with half our team.  Her explanation is that she is all muscle mass (proven false by Michael Phelps).

The Hotel / Jungle

After that, we hit the road for Atlanta and ended up in the middle of nowhere ATL thanks to the unreliable iPhone GPS app. When we asked for directions to the actual Emory University, people just laughed at us because we were so far away. Eventually, we found our way to the Emory courts and got a hit in before heading to Houston’s for dinner with Becca Timmis!


The next day we played a great match against Vassar and moved on to the Sweet Sixteen to play Emory.  Unfortunately, that was where our season ended but everyone played their hardest and left it all out on the courts.  While we were there we got to have a yummy homecooked dinner at the Pattillo’s, which was DELICIOUS as usual.  Thanks Joanie, Laura, Mr. Pattillo for having us all over for a great dinner!  And thanks to all our friends and family who came to support us.  You guys are the best!

Dinner at the Pattillo's!

Lauren and Ellen Playing Doubles

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NCAA Tournament

For all our fans, here is the link to the Emory athletics page with the schedule, live scores, NCAA Tournament Bracket, directions, and a visitors guide.  Hope to see you in Atlanta!

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