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Get to know sophomore Jen Snyder from Highland Heights, Ohio.  Learn about her career aspirations, favorite music, and more!

Why did you choose W&L?
I choose W and L because I wanted to branch out for college. I am from the Midwest so I knew I definitely wanted to go somewhere in the South. I also wanted to go somewhere with a good tennis team and W and L had just won nationals. It’s also a plus that it is much warmer here than in Cleveland.

What’s your major?

What’s your animal?
Black Lab puppy

Favorite place in Lexington?
Wal Mart because it is open 24/7 and it is where I get all my necessities such as food and themed outfits for parties.

Favorite activity outside of tennis?
Soccer. I played throughout high school on the State Team and I miss it. It kept me in good shape for tennis too. I also like how it was a contact sport so you could foul people. I actually got a red card and got kicked out of the last soccer game I ever played in.

Favorite ice cream flavor?
Cookies and Cream although D-hall had a flavor called fuzzy foot raspberry that sounds tasty (true story).

If you could eat anywhere on a tennis trip where would it be?
Pattillo’s house. Joanie is the best cook. It was my favorite part of going to Atlanta. Nothing beats home cooked food. I would know because my mom does not cook and we get take out or go out to eat every night.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a dentist. My dad is also a dentist. He brushed and flossed my teeth until I was in high school. I have never had a cavity!

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?
I don’t travel that many places. My dad has not flown on an airplane since 9/11 and he canceled all our cool vacations after that. I have never been out of the country so I’m going to have to go with Sanibel, Florida. It is very relaxing island off the coast of Florida and it’s also where I had my first tennis lesson ever. My mom calls it our “most expensive vacation” because that’s when I decided I wanted to play tennis.

What’s your favorite tennis memory?
My favorite memory was our Spring Break Trip to Charleston, South Carolina last spring. The team got to stay in a beach house and it was a really fun team experience. My favorite memory from the trip was the “cookie scare”. Another good memory would be when we beat Emory this year at Fab 5 with all the tennis alumni there and cheering for us.

The Beach House

Family Circle Cup in Charleston


Favorite band or artist ?
Kid Cudi. I actually liked him before he even became famous. He is from Cleveland too. I like to rap to his songs, especially on tennis trips. I know all the words to every rap song so that’s why my nickname is J-pac.Eric likes to call me J-pac on the court- it intimidates people.

J-Pac showing off her mad rap skills

What’s your favorite color and why?
Red because it is the color I make my opponent’s face.


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The Generals head up to Pennsylvania to play Carnegie Mellon at 11am this Saturday!  Follow these links for live scoring!





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This week’s spotlight is on freshman Sallie Griffin from Warrenton, Va

Why did you choose W&L?
I wanted to be scholarly AND play tennis, and have a life on the side. And the tennis girls were nice to me and welcoming when I visited unlike some other places I visited. Jen Snyder also made a very good first impression, even though I didn’t actually meet her.

On the court

Off the court

What’s your major?
I have not yet found my passion. Just having to say that is stressing me out.

What’s your animal?
Alligator. I haven’t yet received a solid explanation for that one yet…

Sallie + Alligator =


What’s your favorite place in Lexington?
Southern Inn. Blackened chicken penne pasta is where it’s at.

What’s your favorite activity outside of tennis?
Soccer. Although if i had kept up with my tap dancing, that would probably be my answer. I was a crazy tap dancer in my younger days.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
Cake batter ice cream with cookie dough from cold stone.

If you could eat anywhere on a tennis trip where would it be?
Dairy Queen because it would make me feel rebellious.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I told everyone I wanted to be a dentist like the other 7 dentists in my family, but that was a lie. I don’t often admit this, but I grew up wanting to be an astronaut, or even just study space stuff. Now that I realize that being an astronaut is probably not an option (W&L doesn’t even have an astronomy class, I checked), I have decided to spice things up, get a little crazy, and shoot for law school.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited?
Jost Van Dyke, BVI-also one of Kenny Chesney’s favorite hang outs. Significance of this is explained by the question after next.

What’s your favorite tennis memory?
My experiences are somewhat limited, being a freshman and all, but I’d say watching Christian the Lion. Maybe not the funniest memory but definitely the most sentimental. See attachment: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btuxO-C2IzE&feature=related

Sallie loves school spirit

What’s your favorite band or artist?
The first love of my life was Kenny Chesney. I don’t even care that he’s bald, because when I was 13 I decided that when I married him he would never take his cowboy hat off. I have moved on to other artists and branched out since middle school but that will forever be my answer to that question.

What’s your favorite color and why?
Turquoise, like the color of the water in the caribbean. (also, might I add, the color of our new sick tennis shoes thanks to Blair)

A blast from the past: Junior tennis doubles champions

Still bff's years later

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2010 ODAC Champs!

Today was the final day of the ODAC Championship tournament and the Generals finished victorious with a 5-0 win over Hollins, followed by a celebratory lunch at Blue Sky.  And an extra congratulations to Lauren Caire for winning ODAC Player of the Year and Eric for winning ODAC Coach of the Year! 

2010 ODAC Champs!

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This week’s spotlight features sophomore Lauren Lukas from Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Learn about her horse,her  exercise regime, Zac Efron, and more!

1. What is your major?

Accounting and Business Administration

2. What is your favorite W&L activity outside tennis?

W&L Student Consulting

3. Where is your favorite place to go in Lexington?

Blue Sky-the chicken salad is to die for

4. Little known fact: Lauren rides horses.  Tell us about it:

Horseback riding is my favorite activity in the world! My horse’s name is Lucky (show name Irish Tenor). He is an American Saddlebred, 16 hands tall, light chestnut color, and wicked fast. He loves to eat. Peppermints are his favorite treat.

5. What is your pre-match routine?

My pre-match routine includes stretching on my yoga mat, sit-ups, push-ups, using a medicine ball, and lounges.

6. What is your favorite workout exercise?

My favorite workout exercise is “The Reagan.” (I named it this because I saw a girl named Reagan doing this exercise in the gym). You are on your hands and knees. You put a weight in the back of one of your knees, while lifting your leg up and back.

7. What are your thoughts on Zac Efron?

One word: talented. I like to think of Zac as a triple-threat. Not only can he act, but he can sing and dance.

8. If you were a Disney Princess who would you be and why?

I think my Disney princess would be Cinderella. I find her story very inspirational; rags to riches. Dreams do come true.

9. What is your animal?

My current animal is a Golden Retriever; however, I find myself resembling a Jaguar more. When I think of Jaguars I think of pouncing and attacking and that’s what I want to replicate when I play.

Golden Retriever Versus Panther.  Who will win?

10. What is your favorite type of ice cream?

Mackinac Island Fudge

11. If you could fly anywhere for a weekend where would it be and with who?

I would fly to Vienna, Austria for the New Year’s Eve Gala Ball and New Year’s Day Symphony Concert featuring Johaan Strauss and Johaan Strauss Jr. The Strauss’ are my favorite classical composers and I think it would be so much fun to ballroom dance at the Ball. I would take anyone who wanted to join me for an exquisite evening.

12. What is your favorite tv show?

I Love Lucy

13. What is your favorite color and why?

Favorite color is red. It reminds me of royalty.

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Match time is 4PM and we will be having live scoring for the match! Follow this link: http://athletics.wlu.edu/livestats/wten/xlive.htm

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Thanks for the cookie cake today!  You guys are GENERAL-lee the BEST!

Katie & Dorsey's beautiful cake decorations

I was not there to witness his bold act, but apparently Wilson was upset he was not invited to eat cookie cake too.  And seeing what an integral part of the team he is, he should be allowed to have as much cake as he wants!   Thanks to Elliott’s investigative talents and iPhone photography skills, Wilson was captured in the act.

Wilson Joining the Cookie Party

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