Two weekends ago, Meghan and Claire won Doubles ITA Regionals, and Meg won Singles as well! Cheer them on this weekend at Nationals!

Classic Tennis Gurl move.

2010-2011… A Year in Review… Better late than never!

The Generals are back!

The 2010 Fall was a definite success. We had many players competing at ITA Regionals at Mary Washington. The weekend was capped off with Trelsie Sadler and Lauren Lukas winning the championship Doubles Flight. With the win they headed off to Mobile for the Small College Championships. Lauren and Trelsie lost two matches and won one, which earned them 6th place in the tournament. The duo finished with a top 10 ITA Fall Ranking.

Trelsie and Lauren after winning Regional’s

LL & TS in Mobile

The Generals began the spring season with a busy March schedule. From blizzards in Minnesota to rain in Atlanta, the Generals put in the miles. Although the March results could have been better the team bonded through the miles. April started off great with an exciting victory over Carnegie Mellon in the Duchossois Tennis Center. The rest of April was pretty quiet, until the ODAC Championships, where the team won it’s 10th straight title, giving the Generals an automatic bid into NCAAs.

Lady Generals… 2011 ODAC Champs

The next week was the most anxious week of the year. We were waiting to see where the selection committee would send the team for Regionals. Off to Pittsburgh, PA we went to play in the Carnegie Mellon Regional. Being the top seed at the Regional, we earned a bye through the first round. In the second round we played Wilkes. The Generals rolled through our second round match, 5-0, advancing to the Regional Finals to play host Carnegie Mellon. We knew Carnegie would be out for revenge, so we were expecting a battle. After doubles, we were down 2-1. Due to inclement weather we were playing indoors on 4 courts. Jen Snyder was the first off the court with another pouncing victory over Tapak at #3 6-2, 6-1, making the match score 2-2. Lauren Lukas’ matched finished just minutes later with a tough loss to Chin at #2 6-4, 6-2. Sallie Griffin was the next to finish, loosing a heartbreaker at 5, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3 making the match score 4-2 in favor of the Tartans. At this point, Ellen Yeatman was on court 1, and Catherine Reed and Trelsie Sadler had just taken the courts to warm up. The Generals may have been down, but they definitely weren’t out. Trelsie and Catherine were playing commanding tennis and winning handily, as Ellen was making a comeback after loosing the first and being down in the second. The turning point of the match was Ellen winning the second set 7-5. The Generals were back in the match and took control of the momentum. Ellen won the third 6-4, followed by Trelsie winning 6-1 6-2. Catherine, our lone senior captain, clinched the match just minutes later, earning the Generals a spot in the NCAA Quarterfinals in Claremont, CA. What an exciting moment for The Generals.

After winning the Regional

Off to Claremont, CA, facing Emory in the Quarterfinals, the Generals were prepared for a battle. Emory played extremely poised and we came up short in the match, ending our run towards an NCAA Championship. After we were eliminated from the team championship, we had a few days before the Individual Championships started, se we explored California. From the Santa Monica Pier, to Rodeo Drive and the Hollywood sign, we were able to enjoy the trip as a team.

The Team (minus Catherine who was off Graduating) at the Santa Monica Pier

Ellen, Trelsie and Lauren were competing in the individual championships which started a few days later. Ellen had a tough win over Lauren Quisenberry of MIT before falling to Kendra Higgins of Chicago. Lauren and Trelsie lost to the eventual Champs from Amherst in a tough fought battle. All three Generals finished the year with All- American status.

The 2010-2011 year was a definite success and full of great memories. The Generals will miss our senior captain Catherine Reed, who is off conquering the geology world in San Antonio, TX.

Check back for our next blog about the 2011 fall season.

GOOOO Generals

Ice Cold Generals

And we’re off again to Mary Washington. In preparation for this weekend fourteen W & L women’s tennis players participated in the Fall Kickoff Classic last weekend. It was very successful with both Trelsie Sadler and Sallie Griffin winning their flights. The tournament was split up by flights according to singles and doubles standings on the team. Mary Washington, Longwood, Liberty, and Washington & Lee all competed in the tournament. Each player competed in six matches for the weekend for a total of three doubles and three singles matches. Each day ended with lots of water for hydration and unfortunately an ice bath as well. Our new couch, Bianca, started a new ice bath tradition in which each day after match play we have to sit in her selfmade hotel ice bath with another team member for ten minutes.  Sallie and I were the first ones to try this new concept. We walked into Bianca’s hotel room to find the tub filled with water.  As we touched the water we realized it was warm. Bianca swore she turned the knob to cold and touched the water to find it was warm. She said that someone on the team must have come into the hotel room while the tub was filling and turned it to warm. Typical of our team. Bianca sent us away as she emptied the tub and filled it with cold water, guarding the bathtub the whole time. She called Sallie and I back in to the bathroom. We hesitantly stepped into the FREEZING water and started screaming. It was so cold! Bianca told us to settle down because it was 10:00 pm and people in the hotel may get scared when they heard a bunch of girls screaming. When our legs were fully immersed in the water Bianca dumped a huge trash bag of ice into the bathtub. Luckily I was smart enough to sit on the inside of the tub so all the ice was dumped on Sallie whose skin got so cold she looked like a reptile (After all, her animal is an alligator).  After 5 minutes went by, I lost all feeling in my legs and the rest of the ice bath went by pretty fast. The worst part was getting out of the ice bath. Once I stepped out of the tub my skin started burning and stinging. After about 5 minutes the feeling of my legs came back. During the next hour or so I could hear screaming outside my room as more and more of the team entered the ice bath in Bianca’s room. At one point I looked out my door to see Bianca carrying Laura Simmons down the hallway and into the room. The best reaction to the ice bath was when Lauren Lukas entered and instantly started crying her eyes out. She said that she had not cried in years but she “just hates ice baths so much”. As self-proclaimed jaguar Lauren Lukas might need her animal changed back to her golden retriever. Even yesterday I told Lukas I would pick her up from the tennis center after she was done icing. I walked in to find a crying Lauren Lukas, and the ice bath was only for her one foot.  As we walked out she continued to hysterically cry and I could not help but snap pictures of it (I promised Lauren I would not put them on the blog). Although it was painful, the ice baths were definitely worth it because no one was sore the next day. It was like we didn’t even play the day before.

Sallie and I in the ice bath with Bianca

Lukas and Reed in the ice bath (notice Lukas' red, tearful eyes)

Bianca carrying Laura Simmons into her room for the ice bath

On the way home from Mary Washington we had an interesting encounter with a strange man at a McDonalds in Staunton.  When we stopped at McDonald’s for a bathroom break I walked in to find a tall, creepy man talking to Eric and Bianca. He asked them if they were soccer coaches and they told him that they were actually tennis coaches. He continued to say “Well, you know I just wanted to tell the soccer team that even though they lost they still need to keep trying. Now, that applies to tennis too. I played football, basketball, soccer, tennis, everything. I have some coaching advice for you too…” At that point I walked out the door and hid in the van. Five minutes later the man appeared at the van. The side doors were open and he approached Lauren Lukas who was sitting on the end seat. He started his speech over again. “Oh, are y’all on the tennis team? Now I played football, basketball, soccer, tennis, everything. I have some advice for you. You just gotta keep trying you know?” As he went on with his speech Lauren Lukas proceeded to slam both doors in his face and jab the lock button down.  He moved towards the closed window and continued with his speech until he finally took a hint and walked away. Thanks Lukas!

Another highlight of last weekend was when Eric and Bianca cooked us a spaghetti dinner at Eric’s new house. We spent most of the night playing with his roommate’s Labrador who could give high fives and lots of other cool tricks. Eric even let us eat cake for Chelsea Mixson’s birthday. This was a big step for Eric considering he made me run a suicide last year after eating a small piece of cheesecake.  After dinner we went out to Bianca’s car to get our uniforms. She organized all the uniforms for us. When we were collecting our uniforms a whole basket of balls fell out of Bianca’s car. Since Eric’s house was on a hill the whole team had to spend the next ten minutes chasing balls down the street.  Finally we collected all the balls and we went home to get some sleep. The next morning we had to be at school by 5:55 am. It was the earliest I have ever woken up and hopefully the last time I will ever have to be up that early.  I slept the whole way there until we stopped and I rolled between the seats and woke up.

Although there are a lot of changes this season we are off to a good start. We love our new assistant coach, Bianca, and we miss Ann and Ellen who are both abroad in Scotland. There is more to come next week after our weekend at Mary Washington for regionals. Wish us luck!



P.S. In response to Ellen’s post I would like to say that I did have lunch with Elliot the next day when my eye was fully healed. We miss you Elliot!

We’re baccckkkk!!!! And A LOT has changed!
The tennis team is off to a stupendous start. Catherine Reed, the only senior on the team this year, has been rallying the troops together to practice everyday over the past week and a half. Practice involves the typical 15-minute warm-up, pouring water on ourselves in the blazing heat, groundstroke drills, Laura Simmons performing a dance routine to the ‘Peacock’ song by Katy Perry (Kei$ha is so four months ago) catching all the bridge walkers by surprise because who knew tennis players could bust such wild dance moves, a few points, and then we end practice with a two court sprint. So everyone watch out because not only are we going to be stronger and faster, but we have a secret weapon (hint: her initials are L.S.) whose distracting dance moves will throw anyone off their game. Oh and we are bigger this year! We have four awesome freshmen coming in. All of our fans out there will be meeting them soon in the coming weeks after we get to know them.
Now, here is the sad news. Elliott Datlow, the best assistant tennis coach and Meer cat impersonator ever to live, is moving to D.C. Elliott, it has been an AWESOME two years. We all will miss you so very much, especially your calming presence on the court, wise words, hopeless arguments, and “great” musical taste. The tennis team met for dinner last Tuesday at Salerno’s, the go-to pizza place for tennis team dinners, to say farewell to Elliott and hear a goodbye speech of course. Everyone was able to come except for the freshmen and Jen here who woke up that day unable to open her eyes! Despite her lack of eyesight, she went to lunch and some stores in town. She had to walk down the street clinging on to what was hopefully the friend she was with. When feeling up every piece of clothing in the store, she came upon this one piece of clothing that she had a paranormal connection with so she bought it, trusting that her friends wouldn’t lie to her about the true price of the shirt. Fortunately, she has great friends and she went out the next night looking great in her new, hot pink and totally Jen shirt. If she was shopping with me, I would have convinced her to buy a fashionable dress from Pumpkinseeds, but what really was leopard overalls from Goodwill. After her long day of walking around town blind, she was worn out and in too much pain to make it to dinner.
So back to the romantic dinner with Elliott. The team gave Elliott a picture frame that we signed with a picture from all of the team last year and a sweet Hallmark card. The best gift he received was from Thing 1, a.k.a Laura Simmons. This was a CD Laura burned and as Laura Patillo would say, “it’s the music from her secret life at European raves”. But Laura stated boldly that he had to play this special CD at his first housewarming party because it was the ONLY way to get a party started. As she was telling Elliott this, Thing 2, Sallie Griffin, shook her head fiercely in the background. Sallie dearly noted that when Elliott jams to this CD on his way home to D.C., he must roll all his windows up and play at a level of volume that is not audible to anyone outside of the car. It would be quite unfortunate if Elliott corrupted cute ole’ Lexington with the Peacock song. The rest of the dinner involved sharing great stories and harking upon how much we missed Caire and Blair. SHOUT OUT. We miss you guys! Ya’ll were the best captains ever. Jen and I are so honored to be the chosen ones to continue the blog even though we know that we can never reach your level of success and eloquence. (Note: Caire and Blair reached over 3,000 blog views! Please give them a round of applause if you are reading this) At the end of the dinner, Elliott gave a nice, long ‘adios’ speech. I am pretty sure I saw some tears form. Elliott told us how hard his decision was to leave W&L and he begged us to keep in touch. Also, he promised to come to as many of our matches as possible this year! Finally, he approved of the new assistant coach coming in to replace him. Bianca Svensson is a recent graduate from the University of Alabama. Yes, she played Division I SEC tennis! She has the resume, but does she have the style and, more importantly, the dance moves. I am feeling an assistant coach of the week blog coming up next. The team is very excited to start working with Bianca. It is going to be a great year!

Blair and I have had so much fun with the blog this year and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too. No worries, the fun doesn’t stop just because we are graduating. Jen and Ellen will be taking the reigns in the fall to keep you updated on W&L Women’s Tennis. For our last post, we wanted to talk about the fun we’ve been having with the team over the past week or so.

First, we had the all sports team banquet on Tuesday after we returned from Atlanta and then on Thursday we had an end of season dinner with the whole team at the Livery.  As seniors, we got a little sentimental about all of it, but we had a great time and we are going to miss you all so much next year! In keeping with the tradition of this tennis team, we will definitely be back for lots of alumni weekends and promise to visit as many matches as possible. Here are a few pictures from the past week of banquets and dinners and goodbyes!

Peace out and see you soon,

Blair and Lauren

Summer Birthdays Get Celebrated!

Team Dinner at the Livery





Seniors Like the Color Coral

Team at the Sports Banquet


Since we’ve previously experienced some difficulties with charter buses, we opted for a cozy van this time around. Thursday night we drove sans iPod hook-up to Greenville, SC–our “halfway” stop on the way to Atlanta for the first three rounds of Nationals. As you can see in the picture below, Eric and Elliott “surprised” us by booking rooms at a hotel that was not only part of a country club, but whose interior resembled a tropical rainforest.

Painting Our Nails Generals Blue

They are Cute

In the morning we woke up for a breakfast in the rainforest, hit on the courts outside, and then jumped in the pool to test out Jen’s supposed inability to float.  Well it turns out after much debate, she actually can’t float, along with half our team.  Her explanation is that she is all muscle mass (proven false by Michael Phelps).

The Hotel / Jungle

After that, we hit the road for Atlanta and ended up in the middle of nowhere ATL thanks to the unreliable iPhone GPS app. When we asked for directions to the actual Emory University, people just laughed at us because we were so far away. Eventually, we found our way to the Emory courts and got a hit in before heading to Houston’s for dinner with Becca Timmis!


The next day we played a great match against Vassar and moved on to the Sweet Sixteen to play Emory.  Unfortunately, that was where our season ended but everyone played their hardest and left it all out on the courts.  While we were there we got to have a yummy homecooked dinner at the Pattillo’s, which was DELICIOUS as usual.  Thanks Joanie, Laura, Mr. Pattillo for having us all over for a great dinner!  And thanks to all our friends and family who came to support us.  You guys are the best!

Dinner at the Pattillo's!

Lauren and Ellen Playing Doubles

For all our fans, here is the link to the Emory athletics page with the schedule, live scores, NCAA Tournament Bracket, directions, and a visitors guide.  Hope to see you in Atlanta!